IT'S MY BIKE Registration process

Every IT'S MY BIKE tracker sold must be registered on our platform. Without registration, the tracker will not be activated and therefore will not be unlocked by us.

Are you a bikedealer

Register first

If you haven't already done so, register in our dealer portal: Register

Add tracker to your account

Log in and follow the instructions to assign the trackers in your store to your account.

Finally, check the tracker for correct installation

Now you can activate the tracker on the start page and later check whether you have connected it correctly.

Are you a customer?

Registration of the IT'S MY BIKE tracker is carried out by your dealer, just like the professional assembly. You can find an overview of our dealers on

Download App

To use our service world with tracking and much more, download the "IT'S MY BIKE" app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Add tracker

First scratch free the QR code that you got from your dealer. It is covered on the "Access key" card for your security. Scan it with the app and your bike is connected.